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May 03, 2008


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Ah - now I see 2 fabulous walls of your Studio, April. Sweet!

I knew you were re-decorating, never saw the finished room (are we ever finished, btw?) I'm fascinated and happy to see even though it is thru your Blog, Spice Drop Soup Love the name. You're so wierd. That's a compliment.



Oooh, Aaww!

Love the colors Ms April!

Oh and Happy Early Birthday!


Thank you both! As for "finished" rooms, you are correct. They are never really done.

Thanks too, for the early birthday greeting. Remember, chips, salsa and margaritas on the 10th. The guys are welcome, if they want to be surrounded by a bevy of women.


What a beautiful sight to behold--all that organization! And is that a pile of EMPTY containers I see on the left of picture 2?? You're a lucky girl!


How very observant! Yes, empties did abound, but alas, no longer. This pic was taken some time back and these very same empties have now been put to use. Only four remain. A jog over to the Container Store is in order.


so, how much of this "stuff" do you actually USE? :) wish i was so organized these days...my goal this summer. (yea sure!)
see you sat for those chips and drinks...


Donna, I know you of all people totally understand. These precious baubles are not for consumption, they are to be collected, appreciated, coddled and cared for. I walk this lonely earth, seeking the rarest, the brightest, the best. Each treasure is carefully cleaned and dried, then sorted according to a rigorous heirarchy and last, stored inside crystal clear acrylic compartmented boxes. Tell me, if you were a rare coin collector, would you spend your best find? The 1940 double mint nickel? If you were a stamp collector, would you lick the glue from some thousand dollar stamp and mail a letter with it? I thought not! Just as I find it almost impossible to part with all my shiny babies. Every fleck of glitter, every gleaming sequin, even the lowest plastic gem has value in the delight I experience in the process. Is it a shallow pasttime? Yes! Yes! Yes! One in which I am wholly immersed. Todays pleasure is my self-given reward for having survived my yesterdays. Just the same, all this is said very tongue in cheek. Of course, this stuff gets used . . . eventually.

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